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Close cooperation with our customers is important to us. In order to successfully realize your augmented reality ideas, our experts support you all the way from the idea to its realization.


• Consult on use-cases,
• Asses business impact


Workshops delivered by our experts with an end goal to:
• Defining the use case,
• Defining the operational process and project scope


• Installation and configuration of AR platform (on-premise / cloud),
• Integration with other existing IT systems


• Delivering user training and training materials,
• Creating and delivering implementation documentation,
• Evaluation of the project

Solutions for your business

The utility industry faces some significant workforce challenges ahead as the baby boomers retire, which was highlighted by a 2017 Department of Energy utility workforce assessment. Industry hiring managers often report that lack of candidate training, experience, or technical skills are major reasons why replacement personnel can be challenging to find—especially in electric power generation. Another opportunity is to expedite equipment maintenance. With augmented reality, technicians in the field have immediate access to expert knowledge. They can access complete documentation for all the operation’s equipment on their tablets.

In manufacturing, one of the issues with putting rookies and new talent on the floor is that they are unfamiliar with necessary protocols, equipment, and procedures. This can lead to safety issues. With the right AR applications and devices, these inexperienced personnel can be trained, informed, and protected at all times without wasting additional resources.

Augmented reality can take the quality of telecom equipment inspections to a new level by providing real-time access to the inspected hardware to remote experts. Using AR apps and software, inspection professionals can provide immediate consultations directly during the equipment examination by field personnel. AR solutions can save time and costs required for telecom hardware inspection and ensure its uninterrupted and reliable performance. The current technology places increasingly high demands to the effectiveness of telecommunications and a custom augmented reality application can help the industry to respond to the market trends.  

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the industries that was quick to adopt augmented reality. AR is improving both efficiency and safety in relation to machine optimisation. The consequences of a mistake when it comes to pharmaceutical manufacturing and engineering could not only be costly — it could also mean the difference between life and death. The stakes are high in this industry, so manufacturers need to be confident that their medical devices are built uniformly and precisely — the exact same way, every time. Using augmented reality decreases human error and allows us to maintain a high level of consistency. 

Benefits of TROIA AR platform

More reliable
machine maintenance

Field workers and experts are able to repair and maintain assets with greater safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Error Detection

Making sure there are no surprises when it comes to smooth work process.

More Accestible Inventory of assets

Supportive AR solution delivering important data from existing backend IT systems to enrich work processes.

Quicker Product Assembly and Packaging

New digital interactive instructions increase productivity and reduce number of human mistakes.

user experience

AR brings new possibilities for your prototypes or enrichens the experience of your products.

Tablets and smart phones support

Our solution delivers multiglasses AR vendor support, smart mobile phone and tablet use.

AR Products



Innovative real-time measurement data visualization AR solution from SCADA / IoT / Sensorics. Asset information table and digital gauges can be placed around technical assets on the field into scene environments and will be there for you on demand. On the other hand 3D BIM model of technical assets could be seen in the office or analytics center equipped with the same data to support decision making.



Transformation of traditional spatial GIS data into AR data solution, enabling visualization of assets and topology data on the field. Full underground utility infrastructure (cables, smart meters, switchyards, shafts, water pipes, sewage systems, etc., appear in your line of sight) is digitally presented on the AR supported devices with the extended option of adding real-time data from SCADA/IoT.



An intuitive real-time visual AR solution that allows you to remotely support technicians and field workers while following the process of work execution. It enables two way real-time collaboration, supported by rich media exchange.



Supportive AR solution delivers important data from existing backend IT systems to enrich digital job plans, work orders, tasks or document attachments for the accurate performance of the assigned work. Optimization of the work process is done by finalizing all work orders on the AR supported devices when the job is completed.



Interactive guides with rich media content (images, video, annotations, etc.) for work processes. New digital interactive instructions will increase productivity, reduce the number of human mistakes and speed up knowledge transfer.

TROIA AR web platform

TROIA AR is an intelligent web platform that integrates augmented reality with real-world IT systems, such as EAM, ERP, IoT platforms, GIS and other related background systems. Using smart AR glasses, tablets or smartphones, it combines the real and virtual world by providing real-time viewing of digitally generated information. 

The advanced capabilities and abilities of AR technology and the TROIA AR PLATFORM enable technicians, field workers, and remote experts to repair and maintain assets with greater safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. You can efficiently inspect, maintain or participate in daily working activities since additional information is available as digital content on the AR glasses, tablets and smart phones.

The TROIA AR platform is distinguished by its easy and fast implementation and adaptability for different applications according to the wishes and needs of the company.

Use cases

Augmented reality is beginning to have and impact in business contexts, as a wider range of enterprises pilot and adopt AR capabilities. Companies who understand that adopting new technologies is a must, are quickly making the step and many are already reporting results of increased productivity, reduced accident rates, and better cost effectiveness. 

TROIA AR platform is secure and can be rapidly deployed for different client use cases, bringing important results and making business processes easier. 

TROIA whitepaper: AR

How can enterprise augmented reality enhance your business? Learn all about how AR is becoming the go-to technology for all companies, who strive to stay ahead of the competition.

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Use case: Elektro Ljubljana

Elektro Ljubljana takes care of the biggest distribution network in Slovenia. By implementing AR solutions, they addressed some of their biggest operational problems.

Learn more
Use case: ELES

Company ELES, TSO of electricity for suppliers and consumers in Slovenia, decided to upgrade, expand and update their information systems with AR, to follow their high digitalization goals.

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Key advantages

The main purpose of using our AR solution is to improve the current work environment and tasks with information which help employees do their job better, more precisely and faster.

First Time Fix rate (FTF)

Highly accurate remote diagnostics, precise visual instructions and remote help from experts to field technicians increase FTF rates and minimize costly downtime.


Retain knowledge

Hands-on and interactive training increases learning and knowledge retention.


Reduce learning time

Complex training materials and scenarios demand a lot of time. With AR step-by-step guides visualizations on real-world objects, employees and customers are able to understand training processes quicker and more effectively.


Reduce expert cost

AR enables the remote expert to resolve technical issues from afar by visually guiding the technician through the steps.


Reduce human errors

For complex processes, AR can highlight required parts in the real-world and guide workers through each step and ensure each step is done properly.


Quicker inspection

Step-by-step inspections guide can speed-up process and ensure no errors occur.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real-time. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it.

It is various from vendor to vendor. General answer is 'yes'. Vendors which do not support wearing of corrective glasses in general provide special implants to wear inside glasses.

AR technology is already used in various fields: Field service, Repair and Maintenance, Smart Manufacturing, Medical training, Public Safety, etc.

It’s easy! Start small and focused. Depending on your needs TROIA will work with you to identify the best use case for your company. Proof-of-Concept project involves TROIA experts to validate the use of TROIA AR platform in your organization and help you implement the best AR solution with max ROI as possible.

Augmented reality vs virtual reality. At the core, we have two similar tech, but there are some key differences. The easiest distinction to make between augmented reality and virtual reality is that virtual reality immerses you entirely into a virtual world, whereas augmented reality simply overlays digital elements onto the real world.

TROIA AR platform runs on Linux systems. TROIA AR applications for content viewing can run on iOS, Android and Windows operating systems as well as on smart glasses, such as Microsoft Hololens and ThirdEye X2 MR glasses.

TROIA AR applications for content viewing can run on iOS, Android and Windows operating systems as well as on smart glasses, such as Microsoft Hololens 2 and ThirdEye X2 MR glasses.

Two options are available: On-Premise or in the TROIA Cloud infrastructure.

For both deployment options (On-Premise or Cloud), TROIA ensures full data privacy and encryption.

One of the main features of TROIA AR platform is integration with backend IT systems. Three main types of integrations are available: 

- Default integration with IBM Maximo enterprise asset management software.

- All 3rd party back-end systems, such as ERP, EAM, SAP PM, SCADA, MDM, GIS, are supported via API.

- IoT data to visualize real-time sensor information in Augmented Reality.

Support and product updates are included in the annual subscription of the TROIA AR platform licenses. A service desk is available for our customers.

Absolutely! TROIA runs a partnership program with different options. For more information about our partnership program, please get in touch with us.

Yes, the TROIA AR platform and apps can be customized to match the corporate identity of your company (colors, fonts, logos, etc.).

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